After registration you will receive a confirmation receipt from us. This is NOT yet a confirmation of your participation.
Your participation is only secure if you have received an E
-mail from us with the payment information and the ticket has been paid within 7 days after you have received the payment request. As soon as we have received your payment, you will get an e-mail with the confirmation of your participation.

We do not refund any costs for travel or accommodation. Please do not book any accommodation or travel until your participation has been confirmed by us.

Registration with a partner
You are NOT automatically registered if someone names you as partner*in!  
If you want to register as a couple, please register individually within 48 hours and enter the first and last name of your partner in the registration form, so that we can assign you successfully. If both of you have not registered within 48 hours, we cannot treat you as a couple.

Your registration is only complete when we have received your full participation fee. We do not accept partial payments. If you have not paid within 7 days, your place will be released and given to another person on the waiting list.

Waiting list
If you did not get a place directly, you will be put on the waiting list first. Please note, the waiting list is active until registration is complete. As soon as all tickets are allocated and the registration is closed, we will no longer allocate tickets via the waiting list.
Tickets that become available later can be passed on independently. Take a look at "Pass on ticket".

Pass on ticket
A refund of the ticket is not possible.
However, if you have a ticket and are unable to attend, you may give your ticket to another person with the same dance role. It is not allowed to share the ticket between several people. Please provide us as soon as possible with the first and last name of the person to whom you have given the ticket.  

Photos and Films
During the event, photos and film footage will be taken for online reporting and advertising, including social media. With your registration to Midsommerhop you agree to the creation and use of photos and films.

General rules
Be lindy! e.V. does not accept inappropriate behaviour. Anyone who behaves inappropriately can be excluded from the event without refund of the participation fee. Be lindy! e.V. is neither liable for injuries or accidents caused by its own fault nor for lost or stolen items.

With the registration you accept the Terms and Conditions.