Live on Friday Night: Jake Walker

We are really pleased about the 7 ingenious guys of Jake Walker from Ghent!

"Jake walk: A paralysis or loss of muscle in the hands and feet due to excessive consumption of Jamaican ginger, a.k.a. Jake, a legal alcohol-based substance. The deafness caused those affected to go in a certain way.

Seven Gent jazz musicians bring back the sparkling sounds of the twenties and thirties. Not only do you revive Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton, you also write your own songs. The swirling swing of Jake Walker will definitely drag you onto the dance floor."

Live on Saturday Night: Savoy Satellites - All Stars

You can look forward to the fabulous Savoy Satellites from Berlin!

"As a constant part of the Berlin swing scene, the Savoy Satellites know how to captivate music lovers as well as dancers and turn every concert into a thrilling experience. Unadulterated and pure, they play swing of the 30ies and 40ies, the time when jazz was still pop. A singer, three winds instruments and a four-person rhythm section bring the sound of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, John Kirby and other jazz role models back to life again. All titles have been arranged with great details. "(Zig Zag Jazz Club Berlin)

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