Is there the Münster cheese coming from? 

Unfortunately, not.  


But...Münster has something else to offer:

the Westphalian Peace of 1648, the Kiepenkerl [kiːpm̩kɛʁl] and lots of Leezen [leːʦṇ].  


But what we lacked so far...was a Swing Exchange!  


That's why we celebrate during Midsummer 2019, when the days are long and the nights are lukewarm, the 1st Midsummer Hop Münster. 


Be there, when we are hopping, pulsing, shagging and swifeling

from sunset to sunrise to finest swing music [---> schwofen]! 


Be there, when we meet old and new friends [---> klönen]! 


Be there, when we'll show you our favorite places in town, for a picnic, for a brunch or for a teadance with coffee and cake [---> schnabulieren]!  


You can expect a long weekend with 3 parties, great swingbands and many superb surprises.  


With our newsletter you won't miss any information and we'll keep you up to date. 


Registration starts on: 01.02.2019 

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