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To be able to organize the Midsummerhop proficiently and safely, we decided in fall to found a swing dance association. "To be lindy" is more than just be a swing dancer and is more like a philosophy to us. Be lindy! Swing Dance Culture Münster e.V. is officially recognized as non-profit association.

The organizers

This summer, 11 dancers came together for the first time as a team to organize the first Münster swing exchange. Since then, we have met every month and our different groups deal with individual topics: bands, public relations, program, fundraising – there is still much to do, we are at it with all our hearts and passion!Those of you who often dance in and around Münster may know one or two of us: Gudrun, Micha, Isabell, Inka, Birgit, Lisa, Uwe, Petra, Claudia, James and Sina. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us any time, we are happy to answer your concerns!

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